Concrete Testing Services

Concrete Cube Compressive Strength Testing
based in Lancaster covering the whole of the UK

North West Concrete Testing is an established business with an excellent reputation. Whether you want to test some construction products or the integrity of different materials, we will be able to help. We are used to working with large construction partners, offering very professional concrete cube compressive strength testing services. Contact us today.


State-of-the-art Laboratory

If your work involves developing materials and products or wanting to find a suitable material for foundations or building projects, then we’re the company to call. Based in Lancaster, we work all across the UK; why not give us a call today?


Rely on our Great Reputation

You can read some more details about our company and description of some of the tests we undertake on the UKAS website schedule (United Kingdom Accreditation Service – Registration number 2345).

Our Concrete Testing Services Include

  • Concrete cube compressive strength testing to BS 1881 & BS EN 12390*
  • Flexural and compressive strength of mortar to BS EN 1015
  • Diamond core drilling (test samples)
  • Block testing (strength, moisture movement, dimensions, density, flatness) to BS EN 772*
  • Brick testing (comp strength, dimensions, density) BS EN 772*
  • Grout approval testing to Department of Transport Specification (SHW Cl. 2601)
  • Concrete core compressive strength to BS EN 12504*
  • Cast stone (comp strength, capillary absorption, density) BS 1217*
  • Cover meter surveys
  • *UKAS Accredited tests

For a comprehensive range of UKAS-accredited concrete tests, call us now on 01524 68 877